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Tai Chi Tuition in Southampton,UK.

Personal/private (and patient!) tuition for individuals and pairs only by Gary Robinson, co-founder of taichido.com.Me - November 09

One hour sessions at a time convenient to you,
Monday - Friday 9.30am - 8.30pm.

Free demonstration and informal 'any questions?' meeting with me here in my Home Dojo.

teaching tai chi picturePhone: (023) 80 837 145 or e-mail: gary@taichido.com to arrange an informal, free of charge 1hr 'no strings' meeting with me here at my home dojo. At this first, free of charge, no strings meeting I would be pleased to demonstrate some of the form that I teach and answer as many of your questions as I am able in that hour. THIS FIRST MEETING IS ALWAYS FREE.

The main purpose of this initial meeting is simply to ascertain if this style of tai chi, my method of teaching (no large groups apart from special bookings) and the location of the dojo might suit your requirements or meet your expectations.

COST following your first free no strings meeting: £30 for the first month. Thereafter £40 per month.

Sessions changed or canceled with 24hr notice incur no cash loss. (My system is flexible!)
My "Home Dojo":
The largest room in my house, located at the northern end of London Road, just off of The Avenue in Southampton, is used exclusively as a Tai Chi training room or dojo, and as a regional study/meditation center for the Pure Land Buddhist Fellowship. I opened my first home dojo in 1996 and have taught tai chi in this individual manner, non stop ever since.

Click here for MapClick here for a map showing my rough location. Please note that in the interests of personal security I do not give my full address until an initial meeting has been confirmed.
Visit www.purelandnotes.com

I am also very happy to make myself available for presentations and short or extended courses at corporate or charitable venues. For instance, for more than 3 years now I have worked (2 sessions per month) with the Portsmouth branch of the Parkinson's Disease Sufferers Society. Clients in the past include Solent Uni, Sunrise Senior Living, New Forest Council and various Social Services.

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Taichido presents:
on television-based set-top dvd in pal or ntsc

Enter a 'virtual' dojo, and enjoy learning the complex and beautiful art of tai chi. This 2-disk dvds (myself as the presenter/demonstrator) comes with accompanying 'step by step' instruction book.
Visit www.taichidoshop.com
for all electronic learning media titles.

"I consider the 'step by step' instruction book that accompanies this DVD set to the most useful single thing that I have ever produced. This text is the acclimation of a work which began in 1998 with the launch of taichido.com and our groundbreaking NetGuide. In that time I do believe I have at least in part, mastered the art of describing, demonstrating and writing detailed descriptions of this most subtle and enigmatic of all Forms."

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